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Anyone else struggling to stay healthy with all their summer travel plans? Us too! We thought we would share some tips and tricks for staying healthy this summer since it can seem nearly impossible to do especially while traveling!

  1. There is nothing better for your body than lots of water. It is also very easy to get dehydrated while traveling, so beware! We suggest at least eight full glasses of water a day regardless of whether you are traveling. Easiest way to do it on a plane? Buy a big bottle of water before boarding and make sure you finish it before you land!
  2. Avoid bread when you can. We know that the bread basket at lunch and dinner can be tempting, but avoid it whenever possible. It will lead you down a slippery slope because one piece of bread often leads to many! It will also fill you up so you won’t get to enjoy that meal you’ve been looking forward to at a new restaurant.
  3. Bring your walking shoes. Even if you can’t motivate yourself to get to the hotel gym while you are traveling, take advantage of walking wherever you can—especially if you are traveling to Europe. There are so many beautiful sights to see and it’s often easier to get around by foot than taxi anyways. Take advantage of walking while sightseeing!
  4. Drink in moderation. We know for many travelers out there that vacation often means day and night drinking. Try to find a few days of your trip (if it’s a long one) that you won’t drink and instead hydrate with water! If you don’t want to take a day off from drinking, which we can understand on vacation, try to decide on drinking during the day or night instead of both!
  5. Sunscreen! Now everyone might not think that applying sunscreen is the same as being healthy while on vacation, but it is really important to protect yourself from the sun! Bring lots of sunscreen on your trip or make sure you stop to buy some once you land at your destination. We also suggest bringing a hat on vacation since you will likely be walking around outside. A hat is an easy way to protect yourself from all day sun exposure.
  6. Pick the healthy option when you can. Most people eat out at restaurants a lot while on vacation. Some restaurants that you visit have healthier options than others. When you do go to those restaurants or events with healthy options, make sure to take advantage! That way, when you are at a place with less healthy options, you can feel less guilty about indulging.
  7. Sleep as much as you can! One of the things we look forward to the most on vacations is catching up on sleep! Take advantage of not having to go to work and sleep in as much as you can. We know some people like to start their day early to sightsee before it gets too hot and crowded…if that’s more your speed, then make sure to go to bed early those nights!

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Thinking about all that junk food you ate during the holiday season? Looking for a way to get healthy across 2016? Well, you are not alone! Many people look to this time of year as an opportunity to hit the reset button and get a fresh start on their fitness and health routine. Our team at Nosegay is like all of our readers and anxious to get healthy in 2016. We did some digging and came up with these tips and tricks for getting fit in the New Year.

Drink lots of water. This was found in all of our research. Your body can’t reset without a lot of water in it. Our goal is to drink 8 full glasses of water each day. It’ll make your skin look great too!

Check out a new gym. We know how packed the gym can get in January but by February it’s empty again. Make sure when you are checking out new gyms that you are confident you’ll use your membership for more than just a month. Try out a few before picking a new one. See how it works in your routine before signing on the dotted line.

MEDITATE. Find 5-10 minutes each day to clear your mind. No electronics, no work, NOTHING. This will help you to set yourself up for success every day.

Find an exercise routine you ENJOY. It’s not enough to just go to the gym, you’ve got to enjoy it while you are there or you won’t go back. Get rid of those boring gym classes you hate or stop doing the elliptical if you aren’t motivated by it. Find something you enjoy! That way you are more likely to stick with it.

Walk it out. Sitting at your desk and not walking around throughout the day was so 2015 – it’s time to get up and move! Get something to help you track your steps and start marching your way to 10,000 steps a day.

Don’t forget about breakfast. Research shows that you should be eating within 30 minutes of waking up each day. It helps to get your body and metabolism started so don’t forget about it! Also, make sure to include some protein when it comes to eating breakfast.

Make time to sleep. Even if you can live on less than 8 hours of sleep, why would you want to? Sleep is a way to get energy and prepare your body for the next day. Find a way to make time to sleep for 8 hours each night. Hint: it’s easier to fall asleep if you shut off all of your electronics (tv, phone, etc.) an hour before falling asleep.

Smile: Find something that makes you smile in 2016! It’s great if it flowers but if it’s not, find whatever works for you. This year should be all about being happy!