The Fourth of July is upon us! We are dedicating this week’s blog to the upcoming holiday. Given we are in the nation’s capital here at Nosegay Flower Shop D.C., it’s only appropriate that we are professionals at celebrating Independence Day. We’ve included some important questions below to make sure you are prepping for a fun-filled weekend!  

  1. What are you going to wear? It’s all about red, white and blue on the Fourth of July! Here at Nosegay we love a reason to dress up and the Fourth of July is our favorite holiday to show our American pride. Whether you wear all of one of the colors or find a way to wear all three (our personal favorite idea) make sure you aren’t going to look un-spirited wherever way you are celebrating. Even if it’s in your pajamas!
  2. What are you going to do that day? The Fourth of July for most doesn’t really kick off until the early evening but make sure you take advantage of having the day off (if you do). Whether it’s driving to wherever you will be celebrating or doing something fun during the day that you wouldn’t normally do…make sure to make plans in advance! I think this year I’ll be heading to a Nationals’ Game during the day on July 4th to celebrate. Don’t forget to bring plenty of sunscreen!
  3. Where are you BBQ-ing? It’s not the Fourth of July without having a BBQ at some point. Whether it’s at your place or you convince one of your friends or family to host it, BBQ-ing is a must over this holiday weekend! Even if it’s not during the Fourth of July make sure to have a fun BBQ at some point during the long weekend.
  4. How are you going to avoid traffic? Now I know many of our loyal readers are going to be heading out of town for the holiday weekend. Make sure to think about when you’re leaving to avoid traffic. Also, don’t forget about trying to avoid it on your way back home as well!
  5. What are you sending to your friends and family? Nothing better than receiving a gift from someone you love for no “real” reason. The Fourth of July is the perfect excuse to send something to someone you love. Whether it’s a nice card, a Fourth of July flower bouquet or a fun-filled gift basket.  Or make sure that if someone is hosting you for the weekend that you bring a gift along…chocolates make a delicious treat you can enjoy together!
  6. Where are you watching the fireworks? Probably the most important question of them all! If you are lucky enough to live in D.C., you definitely should be watching on the National Mall. There is no better place! The good news is though most cities have a dedicated place to watch so make sure not to miss them.

That does it for another Nosegay blog. Hope you feel ready for your Fourth of July holiday weekend! Also, don’t forget to cheer for USA during the World Cup on Tuesday, July 1st. A little pre-holiday festivity!