Ever wonder what the most popular flower in January is? Well, look no further! This may not surprise you but the most popular flower to use in the month of January is carnations. It may have something to do with them being known as the “The Flowers of God” which makes them so popular. The reason they are known as the “The Flowers of God” is because they got their name from their scientific name “Dianthus.” The Greek word “dios” means god Zeus and “Anthos” means flower. Historically, carnations are known to have been first used by the Greeks and Romans.

The other reason we often see carnations all over floral bouquets is because they come in so many different colors! The different variety of colors all mean something different so be aware of that when you are sending any color of carnations. You don’t want to send the wrong message! The general consensus of carnations though is that they express a general sentiment of love and interest. If we had to pick a favorite from the bunch, we’d say white carnations which represent “pure love” and “good luck.”

One of the most important reasons we love carnations is because they last so long! Even when they are cut for a floral display, they tend to last double the amount of time of other flowers. They come in 3 different version that you most commonly see – large flowered carnations, spray carnations (mini carnations) and dwarf flowered carnations (several small flowers on one steam).

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