Ever have that moment when you are about to order delivery flowers and you wonder to yourself “Should I use an 1-800 florist or the florist that’s down the street from me?” We bet that question comes up more often than not for our readers. There are many reasons as to why you should always pick a local D.C. florist over the 1-800 number florists. Check the Top 10 Reasons down below...


  1. Fresher Flowers: Where do you think those flowers come from when you order from 1-800 flower companies? They could come from anywhere! When you buy for a local florists, you know the flowers are fresh and will arrive with plenty of life left in them. These same day delivery flowers are sure to be better coming locally!
  2. Support your local economy: Now this may seem like this wouldn’t have an impact when it comes to just ordering flowers but the reality is it all adds up. Local businesses add jobs to your neighborhoods and that means you should always try to actively support them. Don’t let the big chains win out!
  3. Allows a choice to be made: Without locally run businesses like florists, the only options that would be left are the big chains. That means unless you want the prices to skyrocket because their is no competition for 1-800 florists, you should always check out the locally run options first.
  4. Creates a sense of community: Think about how many local florists you see in the D.C. area. Shops like Nosegay flower shop D.C. add a sense of character to any neighborhood.
  5. Better for the Environment: Most of the flowers you buy outside of a local flower shop are not even from the United States and use so many chemicals to stay “fresh”!
  6. Range of Products: Your flowers will definitely be more unique and customizable when it comes to a local florist as opposed to a 1-800 florist number.
  7. Deals: It’s pretty likely that a local florist is going to have more deals and specials available to their customers so make sure you stay up to date with them to get the best deal.
  8. Create a Relationship: Always nice to have another place you frequent that knows your name and treats you as a friend. Local florists are sure to do that for their customers.
  9. Better Service: Local businesses like florists depend on their customers to stay in business. That means they need to keep you satisfied. They will always strive for high customer service because of that.
  10. A Passion for Flowers: There is a reason any local flower shop opened...it’s because they were passionate about flowers. People don’t just open up a flower shop for the fun of it. That means the employees are passionate also about the flowers and what they do. A 1-800 flower number company is more interested in it’s business than the passion for flowers.