Ever wonder what that flower is that shows up everywhere once it becomes fall? Well, it’s a good guess that it’s a chrysanthemum. Also for our non-flower experts reading this...a mum is short for “chrysanthemum” and technically not a flower but a plant. The best part about mums is they can fill up a big space quickly and don’t take a lot of plants to do so. The plant is literally perfect when it comes to mass-planting. In terms of design, the most common way to do it is with the same color. However, if you want to add some pops of color pick multiple shades and they are sure to make an impression. They come in every color (except for blue) as well as different bloom shapes which make them an easy and desirable flower for your garden this fall.

Chrysanthemums are the perfect flower to make a statement as your summer blooms in your garden begin to fade. They aren’t your typical florist shop flowers but they are perfect for your fall garden. The mums in your garden will likely bloom throughout September and October. If you’re looking for a place to purchase these in the fall, head over to your local flower shops.

The other good news about this flower? The blooms last for weeks and the plant produces a number of flowers per plant which make them hard to miss in your garden. The chrysanthemum is native to Asia and northeastern Europe, however, most species are from East Asia. They first originated in China as a flowering herb. These plants were all over Asia for more than two centuries before making their way to America in the late-1700s. 

So I’m sure after reading this, you’re thinking to yourself, “okay, time to plant some mums!” Well, if you are looking for the perfect mum for your garden start planting them in the spring. This way they will have a good amount of time to develop it’s root that will not only lead to a strong bloom in the coming fall but also in the coming years. And despite being a BOOMING bloom in your garden, they don’t require a lot of maintenance. They do well with a standard soil. They also need sunlight but will take as much as you can give them. They do their best in full sun but they can handle partial shade which is another reason why they are a low maintenance plant. Also, don’t forget to water them. They need about as much as your lawn which is about an inch a week.

One other piece of information to note is the process of “pinching” which is very common when it comes to taking care of chrysanthemums. The key to getting the types of mums you are used to seeing is from “pinching” which creates more branches and keeps the plans compact. Large, full plants that you buy in the fall have already been pinched but the smaller spring plants will need your help from pinching. Start pinching them as soon as you see a good amount of buds.

Also, if you are thinking of a less traditional flower to send to friends and family, always a good idea to send a chrysanthemum plant for same day delivery flowers. Hope our spotlight on mums was as exciting for you as it was for us here at Nosegay D.C. We happen to love this beautiful fall flower and we hope you do too now!