Still deciding what to do for New Year’s Eve? Well you may be a little late to the party but there is still time to make ringing in 2017 a year to remember! Our Nosegay team got together and brainstormed some of our favorite past, present and future New Year’s Eve plans. 

Get out of town! There is nothing that makes New Year’s Eve plans easier than knowing that you don’t have to make any. Gather a group of friends, family or go solo and head out of town. Whether it’s some place far away and exotic or a cozy cabin a few hours away…anything will get you out of having to make special arrangements for a holiday that is often hard to find the “perfect” thing to do for. 

Pajama Party. This was by far one of our favorite suggestions and best ways we’ve spent the holiday in previous years. Hosting or going to a pajama party is a sure fire way to add some fun to a regular night in but also help you avoid all the chaos that involves trying to get around on the holiday. Organize dinner for the evening either by cooking or ordering delicious takeout and call it a day! 

Throw a party. Want to find a way for an energetic evening but not have to deal with getting around on New Year’s Eve? Throw the party at your place! Bring in festive decorations and party hats and invite all your friends and family over. The best part is…you don’t have to figure out how to get there! Make sure to get lots of good snacks, appetizers, desserts and drinks to have out and your guests will be happy campers. 

Head out to D.C. Plenty of bars put together fun specials and open bar options for New Year’s Eve night. Whether you are looking for an event for a big group go to or are just heading out with a few friends, this is a good way to do something without a lot of organizing on your own. Although you likely will have to fork over more than a few dollars, it should help you avoid a line or having to pull your credit card out all night at the bar. 

Put together a potluck. All you need to do is find a place to host the “low key” party and you’ve got a perfect way to spend the evening. Ask all of your friends and family bring a dish or two and you can feed everyone there easily with minimal effort. Don’t forget about ordering some beautiful flower centerpieces to decorate the room. 

We hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year’s Eve and we quickly approach 2017! Can’t wait to see what is around the corner in the New Year.