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As we head into the winter months, it’s important to find flowers that are low maintenance to keep in your home. Who wants to have to go out every week to refresh the flowers in your home in those cold winter months? That’s why we love our orchids! They are perfect for every home to bring an element of warmth. We also love them for offices and decorative spaces. They bring an element of design in a very simple and easy way. This is why we love orchids: 

They come in great colors. Want something that goes with everything? Try any variety of orchids. Whether it’s pink, purple or white, it’s hard to find a type of orchid that won’t go well in your home. They are neutral and help to pick up other colors in the room where they sit. 

They don’t need a lot of water. There is no type of orchid that needs to be watered everyday. All types of orchids take a few days to need water, if not longer than that. It is important to water sparingly because over watering will end up killing the orchid early. If the pot looks dry that is when you decide if you should water it. 

They are decorative and practical. Orchids add a wonderful element to any home or office. They are beautiful flowers and add an element of home to any place. They take up a good amount of space so you don’t have to worry about having too many other decorations on top of them. They are just as good as any nice piece of art! 

They are good solo or with friends. Orchids can stand beautifully on their own but they also make a wonderful group together. They are perfect for any side tables on their own or can take up an amazing amount of space together on a dining room table together. 


We hope you all learn to love orchids as much as we do at Nosegay! The best news? Nosegay has a plethora of options when it comes to picking an orchid or orchids for your pleasure. Call us or visit our website to order today!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day quickly approaching and knowing that there will be lots of floral bouquets being ordered across the next few days, we thought we would offer our readers a spotlight on our Top 5 Favorite Valentine’s Day Flowers. This should make ordering your flowers a lot easier. Now, the flowers we’ve highlighted either typically come in or are known for their shades of pinks and reds (which are traditional for the holiday) so that is the color we would recommend ordering them in even if there are other options. However, there are certain circumstances on Valentine’s Day when ordering a color outside of red and pink, like the color white would make sense. Also, if you are less of a traditionalist, flowers are flower to some degree so any color will do! However, our suggestion would be to stick with tradition and go with pink or red!

  1. Tulips: These flowers always offer a very modern feel when it comes to any Valentine’s Day flower arrangement. Despite being such a modern flower, tulips actually date back to the 16th century in Eastern Europe and were first found in the U.S. towards the end of the 19th century. They are some of our favorite flowers at Nosegay D.C. flower shop so we celebrate them a lot outside of Valentine’s Day as well.
  2. Roses: Now you can’t talk about Valentine’s Day and love without talking about roses. We’d recommend sending these flowers for traditional romances and to really express your love. Remember, every color rose has a different meaning so if you want to say “I love you” make sure to send red ones. The main reason why the red rose has become synonymous with Valentine’s Day is because the rose is often referenced in romantic poetry, songs and paintings therefore, forever linking the two.
  3. Orchids: The great news about orchids for Valentine’s Day is you could be enjoying them into March and remembering your awesome holiday because of how long they last. They will definitely outlast your traditional flower bouquets, however, they will likely require a bit more money when it comes to ordering flowers online. Remember, the care of an orchid changes during the colder months so make sure to keep your plant warm and hold back on watering.
  4. Stargazing Lilies: These are some of the most beautiful and radiant flowers when it comes to putting together a bold group of flowers. Keep in mind that these types of flowers come with a strong and lovely fragrance. They are a hybrid of the of lilies that our readers are probably most familiar with. They often come in white and pink which we think is just fine when it comes to celebrating the holiday on Saturday.
  5. Peonies: Now we’ve talked about peonies on our blog before because we absolutely love them. The great news is they go so well with the colors of Valentine’s Day because they are most often found in white, pink or red. The red color is more rare but definitely worth pursuing when it comes to celebrating this year. The peonies has a ton of fans as it is traditional floral symbol for China but also the state flower of Indiana since 1957.

We’d also like to offer our readers some last minute words of encouragement and advice when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Our biggest piece of advice for those of you in a couple is make sure to celebrate in some way. I know there are a lot of people out there that think Valentine’s Day is a corny holiday but I think you will find you are more upset on the day about not celebrating than you thought you would be. Also, keep in mind that your partner wants some sort of public display of affection for Valentine’s Day...the easiest way to do this is to send them Valentine’s Day flowers. Especially to their office so that all their co-workers and friends know they are loved. Now for our single readers, make sure you celebrate too! You will be a lot happier if you aren’t sitting around home alone on Saturday night and if you are out with some friends. Find a group of single friends and paint the town red that night!


It’s that time of year again! Or it almost is...this Sunday, May 11th is Mother’s Day. One of our favorite holidays here at Nosegay. Mother’s Day first begain being celebrated in 1908. Despite being celebrate for over a 100 years, it seems as though each year it get’s tougher and tougher to find the “perfect” Mother’s Day gift. We’ve developed a good place to start when it comes to thinking about a Mother’s Day gift this year. Good news is there is still plenty of time! 

Does your Mom have a hobby? Or something she likes to do often? Maybe it’s planting, knitting, exercising, painting, or maybe it’s reading. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s something she enjoys. Starting with what your Mom likes to do is a great place to start when thinking about gift ideas. It’s a thoughtful gift that you know she enjoys because she already spends her time doing it. 

Maybe it’s not an item for this year’s Mother’s Day and it’s better idea to spend the day together doing something she enjoys. Think about a museum she’s always wanted to go to or spend the day together at the spa. Even going to see a movie together just the two of you is a great way to spend the day or weekend. It’s also okay to plan a fun weekend in follow-up to celebrate Mother’s Day. Just make sure you tell her about it this weekend so she can get excited! 

Another great way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to do something special for your Mom to show her how much you love her. Think about things like breakfast in bed or mowing the lawn. Give her the option to stay in bed all day if she wants to. Live out of town? Maybe come in for the weekend to surprise her...that’s gift enough to lots of the Moms out there! 

If none of these ideas blow your socks off, keep things simple. Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” like a card. flowers or chocolates. Or perhaps this Mother’s Day it’s all three! Mother’s Day flowers are easy to find this time of year with all the different deals out there. If you’re looking for something that will last longer, look no further than an orchid. They are beautiful and lasts longer than your typical week-long flower bouquet. If you’re not in the market for an orchid, try a fun spring bouquet of same day delivery flowers like tulips. You really can’t go wrong with any Washington D.C. florists like Nosegay when it comes to showing how much you love your Mom on Mother’s Day. 

And to all the Mothers out there...Happy Mother’s Day! X

The first thing you need to know is that there are over 30,000 species of orchids that come from everywhere across the globe except Antarctica. The good news is you don’t need to necessarily know what type of species your orchid is to take good care of it. Although there are 30,000 species the most common orchids found in homes are either phalaenopsis hybrids (known as moth orchids) or dendrobium hybrids. Here are our 6 tips on Orchid care:


  1. The best way to water orchids is by putting 3 standard size ice cubes in the pot once a week. This will keep you from over watering as well as ensure your pot does not leak or drip.
  2. Find a place where your orchid will get strong light but not direct late-afternoon sunlight. This reflects the orchids natural habitat.
  3. Try to create regular periods of drying, alternating with drenching hydration for your orchid. This may seem odd but it doesn’t hurt to put it in the kitchen sink every so often and really soak it down. This won’t kill it as long as you let it dry it out for a period of time afterwards.
  4. When keeping an orchid in your home, remember orchids do not like to be in the same temperature all day and all night. Most homes are kept at one temperature throughout the day so keep that in mind as you think about the best care for your orchids.
  5. Orchids love humidity. This may seem like that would be hard to create in a family home but keeping your orchid near a sink or growing in the bathroom helps to recreate its natural humid environment. If you have multiple orchids or other plants in the house, keep them near each other. They release moisture into the air as they breathe.
  6. Don’t forget to clean your orchid. Always a good idea to hand wash your orchid every so often with room temperature water. It helps to get rid of any dust that may build up on the leaves and block light.


Keep in mind the care of orchids changes during the winter season. Make sure that during these colder months you keep your plant warm and hold back on watering. Obviously, we want to make sure the orchid stays hydrated but move towards a light mist every so often as opposed to consistent watering of the pot.

If you have any questions or would like more information about caring for your flowers, contact one of our florists at Nosegay.