Ever wonder the difference between organic food and non-organic food? Us too! We know this deviates a little from our traditional weekly flower blog but we thought we would take a step away to understand what it really means to be organic. And don’t worry, this still has to do with flowers! There are distinct differences between organic gardening and non-organic gardening which both can result in same day delivery flowers. Therefore, you should know the difference on what you are purchasing!

First, let’s start from the beginning. What does it mean to be an organic food? According to the USDA organic foods and organic farming is the process of “integrating cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources” as well as “promoting ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.” Basically,we understand this to mean that resources can be reused throughout the farming process when it is grown organically and organic farming would promote a better long-term environment.

The biggest difference as far as we can tell is the lack of chemical additives and antibiotics used throughout the farming process when foods are grown or farmed organically. There are many different studies out there but it does seem that economic sustainability is better off in an organic farming space. The other big difference we know to be true (and you probably do as well) is that organic foods are definitely more expensive when it comes to buying food.

One other thing to keep in mind is you must read the find print when buying organic food. If the seal says “100 perfect organic” that means it is 100% organic, however, if the seal only says “organic” that means it only has to be 95% organic to use that seal. Foods that say “made with organic ingredients” contain at least 70% organic ingredients. 

Similar to the approach taken when growing organic foods, organic flowers have a lot of the same benefits to the environment. They don’t use pesticides, which have a tendency to drift into the environment and do not stay put in the soil they are placed. Therefore, making them very difficult to control long term. When you are looking for local D.C. flower shops, you should be able to find out quite easily whether or not the store uses organic flowers.


Hope you enjoyed our blog this week!