Anyone else ready for the spring weather? It’s been a brutal winter here for Nosegay D.C. flower shop but we are ready for spring to begin! We’ve had a few nice days in the last few weeks and looking for that beautiful D.C. Spring weather to start ASAP. Here are our top 7 spring flowers that do the best in these weather conditions and great for a perfect spring flower arrangement. 

  1. Pansy: These beautiful flowers are happiest in the cool weather of the spring. Make sure when placing these flowers in your home you are giving them plenty of sun and keeping them moist. 
  2. Lilac: Not only are these flowers gorgeous, there is no flower with a sweet spring fragrance. The lilac comes in many different sizes and shapes. 
  3. Iris: The nice thing about this type of flower is that they come in a lot of different colors. Decide what color you are looking for your flower arrangement and you’ll most likely be able to find an Iris that comes in this shad. Make sure these flowers have plenty of sunlight when it comes to your placement in your home. 
  4. Daffodil: This is probably our favorite spring flower! These flowers should be everywhere as you think about your spring arrangements. They come in different shapes and sizes and do a great job of brightening up any day!
  5. Tulip: Notorious spring bloomers that grown from bulbs. These flowers come in a variety of colors and are perfect for any simple but beautiful arrangement. Tulips usually bloom with a few amount of leaves and one bloom at the top. 
  6. Hydrangea: These flowers are known for being bigger and bolder than any other spring flower on the list. They are naturally oversized and are bold in every flower arrangement that we use at Nosegay florists
  7. Azalea: Perfect flower as you think about transitioning from spring to summer. Their a burst of color of any arrangement. 

Hope you enjoyed our top 7 spring flowers as you get ready for the warm weather coming our way! It’s important to remember local flower shops will give you access to all these amazing flowers and much, much more.