We are back this week at our blog for a more serious topic. The topic is this week is around the health benefits that could be coming from something as simple as a decorative plant in your home or office. I know we’ve talked a lot about what plants to pick for your house, office and apartments for decoration, but what we haven’t talked about are the health benefits you can get by having plants around. Although in the very early stages of research based on this Washington Post article – there could be scientific proof that plants can remove toxins and pollution from the air.

Unfortunately, there are so many things we are exposed to on a daily basis that create toxins in the air. Simple things like furniture, dry-cleaned clothing, paint and a lot of other items contribute to air pollution inside and most humans are exposed to these items often.  We recently posted our own blog on a variety ofplants you can have in your home or office for decoration but now that blog seems even more relevant after finding Sarah Kaplan’s article in The Washington Post.

When you think of pollution and air quality, I normally think of what I’m breathing when I’m outside. I’m always very aware of it as I walk by construction zone or see smoke or fog outside. But after thinking more about it, you start to realize that air pollution indoors is much worse because you are in a confined space without other fresh air to breathe. As we all know, every person needs air to survive so the quality of the air we are pumping into our bodies is important.

There are many short term and long term health effects that can be impacted by poor air quality. Short term impacts can be as simple as eye irritation and breathing issues. Long term impacts can be things as serious as asthma and compromised immune systems. Although the research is not complete, even if there is some possibility that plants can reduce some of the toxins in the air, our team at Nosegay thinks it’s worth investing in. Good news is we have plenty of house plants to decorate and potentially lower the toxins in your home. Check them out here.