Everyone has different taste when it comes to flowers but we thought this week, we would shed some light on flowers outside of the ever so popular rose. Now we all know roses are the most popular flower in the world but ever what comes second, third and fourth? Well, look no further we’ve got the answer for you as you are buying flowers to be delivered!

  • Chrysanthemums: Number second to the rose, Chrysanthemums are the second most popular flower in the world. Chrysanthemum comes from Greek word “Chrys” meaning golden and “anthemon”, meaning flower. Gold is the original color of the flower but these popular flowers now come in a variety of color including red, purple and white. Chrysanthemums are tropical flowers and were originally grown in the Eurasian region.
  • Tulips: The third most popular flower after the rose and chrysanthemums. The great thing about Washington DC florists is that even though tulips are most popular during the spring, you can get tulips at Nosegay DC florist any day you want! There are around 100 species of Tulips, which actually came from the Central Asia where they grew wild. Every year billions of tulips are cultivated, a majority of which are grown and exported from Holland. For any of our tulip lovers out there, head over to Holland and see the tulips everywhere! Fun fact about tulips…if you ever run out of onions while cooking, chop up your tulips as they make a great substitute for onions
  • Lilies: These lovely flowers come in fourth as the most popular globally. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Lilies are most popular when it comes to sending flowers as a gift to friends and families. Lilies are most associated with regal beauty and each type and color of Lilies can often symbolize different meanings. Among these popular flowers, the stargazer and cassablanca lily bouquets are the most desired floral bouquets.


Hope this post opened your minds to some floral arrangements outside of roses. We know there are a ton of January birthdays out there so as you’re sending birthday flower deliveries, include some of these flowers in your arrangements!