Although we are a few months into the New Year, we wanted to put a spotlight on the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid. This beautiful shade of purple brings a warmth with just a color. In the past, colors of the year have portrayed more of an emotion of stability and renewal but this year it’s all about imagination and creativity with Radiant Orchid. The color is captivating and alludes confidence and energy. 

In it’s official release of Radiant Orchid as 2014’s color of the year, said that the shade is “an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones,” and “inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health.” 

When it comes to adding this hue in your every day life let it be your pop of color. It goes great with deep greens and beiges as well as olive tones. It’s able to stand out great amongst a mix of neutrals. This color is meant to be bold and draw attention, don’t try and mute it with other similar shades. Let it be the thing that catches your eye. 

Flower Ideas: Don’t be afraid to bring it into your life of flowers with whites and cream colored flowers with the “radiant orchid” hue popping in one of your vases. 

The good news is that multiple flowers come in this wonderful shade of purples, including roses, tulips, orchids and many more. Radiant Orchid is meant to playful and fun so don’t be afraid to mix it in a flower bouquet and with colors that you wouldn’t normally. It’s time to stand out. 

Here is our advice on how to bring Radiant Orchid to your every day life. 

  1. Let it stand out. Don’t try to hide this shade or mute it. Radiant Orchid was picked as the Color of 2014 for a reason...don’t let it be wasted! 
  2. Try it with something simple. Like with throw pillows or flowers. Don’t over commit if you aren’t sold on it’s amazingness yet. Make small purchases that are easily replaceable or not permanent. 
  3. It’s all about the nail polish. It’s easy to go bold with something on your fingers for a few days. There are great Radiant Orchid inspired nail polishes out there...go get ‘em! 
  4. It’s flower time! Many spring flowers bloom in beautiful shades of this color. Don’t forget about them. Also, if you’re not feeling the purple, go with a white orchid and at least you’ve completed half the battle. 
  5. Go big or go home. This color inspired creativity and energy is not meant for the shy. Embrace it and live it up!
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