Ever wonder to yourself “should I send flowers?” Well, think no more. We’ve got the answers for you. The good news is most occasions can only get better when you send flowers but here are the Top 7 Reasons to Send Flowers. Enjoy!

  1. Birthdays: Now this is the number one reason to send flowers and everyone deserves to get at least one bouquet on their birthday. If you’re lucky you’ll get more than one! There are amazing options when it comes to birthday flowers and also don’t forget adding a birthday balloon will sweeten the pot.
  2. Promotions at Work: Best way to acknowledge a new promotion at work is with a special arrangement. Whether it’s your friend, significant other or family member that recently got promoted they will never be unhappy to receive flowers. Also a great way to welcome a new member to your team at work if someone has recently moved into a new promote position.
  3. Congratulations: Lots of reasons to say congratulations but the number one way to do it...with flowers! Such an easy and quick thing to send but means a lot. Whether it’s for an engagement, a new baby, doing well on a test, there is no reason not to send a bouquet to congratulate someone. If you are looking to send “congratulations” flowers last minute then try same day delivery flowers.
  4. A big change: Know someone who is trying something new? Maybe starting a new job or moving to a new city? Want to wish them luck? Well go for it with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Great way for them to feel welcomed and loved.
  5. Condolences: Of course this is not a happy reason to send flowers but it’s definitely a way to show that you care and express your deepest sympathy. It’s sometimes hard to find the right words and that’s why flowers work well in these situations. There are a tons of different types of arrangements that you can choose from. Our suggestion would be go simple and muted colors and nothing that is overly bright or bold.
  6. Engagement: Anyone else have a million engagements popping up on their newsfeed? Not sure how to say congratulations? Well look no further then sending a quick arrangement of flowers to the recent engaged couple.
  7. Just Because: And our final and favorite reason to send flowers...just because! No one has EVER complained about receiving flowers. That’s why if you feel like doing something special, don’t hesitate just because there isn’t a “special” occasion to celebrate. You don’t need a reason to send flowers. That’s why we love them...they brighten up any day!

Hope you enjoyed our suggestions and advice. Now start following our advice and send some flowers for any reason. It’s time to brighten up any day and flowers are the perfect way to do it and there are so many reasons to send them. Never forget that and when in doubt...send flowers!