Well, the good news is you still have a few days to get ready! Our favorite holiday that happens once a year is happening this year on Sunday, May 10th. It's Mother's Day! The great news is the weather is finally the perfect example of Spring and before it gets too hot make sure you take a few moments to enjoy Mother’s Day this year with all the Moms in your life.

Want to know the perfect way to celebrate this year? With a spring floral bouquet, no doubt! Here are a few of our favorite spring flowers that you should absolutely make sure to include in your flower arrangement to any Mom this year.

  • Purple Roses: These flowers are absolutely exquisite and the great news about them is they are definitely unique. You won’t see a lot of Moms this year with purple rose bouquets so the Mom you are sending them to will definitely feel unique.
  • Tulips: We just can’t get enough of tulips this spring (or any spring!). We love them for the spring and we love them for Mother’s Day. The best reason we love them for spring is the amazing colors they come in are the epitome of spring colors. They always seem to have a wonderful spring feeling to them!
  • Orchid: The one stop shop for any time of year. Too worried about what flowers to pick for an arrangement for Mother’s Day…have no fear, the orchid is here! All it takes is one orchid to show someone how much you love them. The best news about this flower? It lasts a long time! They’ll get to enjoy it for weeks (maybe months).
  • Sunflower: Now some people might think this is more of a winter flower but not us at Nosegay Flower Shop D.C. We love sunflowers and we love them any time of year! They are sure to brighten up any room and any floral bouquet for Mother’s Day.

Now don’t forget for this Mother’s Day to use local florists in D.C. They are reliable, friendly and all about celebrating Mother’s Day this year. And if you forget to make your purchase for a nice floral bouquet ahead of time or don’t want to spend time going to pick it out yourself, there is always same day delivery flowers!