Curious what the best fashion items are for this spring? Well get ‘em quick because summer is coming soon. Spring is our favorite season at Nosegay Flower Shop D.C. because it represents so much flower power. You know what they say…April shows bring May flowers. There is just something special about the spring and how it links so effortlessly to flowers. Check out our tips for transitioning into the spring months and being trendy while you’re at it. Enjoy!

  • Welcome to the Jungle. It’s all about the animal prints this spring but in a different kind of way. It’s less about the bold animal print and more of finding a subtle way to fit it into your outfit.
  • The 70s are back. It’s never too late to go back in time. Certain decades always seem to find their way back in to the realm of style and this year it’s all about the 70s. Keep the color neutrals so you don’t look like you are going to a costume party but find a fun way to include the decade into your spring wardrobe.
  • Flower Power. Like we said earlier…it’s so easy to make flowers be part of your spring wardrobe. If you wear them in the wrong way, it may feel like you are wearing a floral arrangement as opposed to a fun, spring outfit. However, if you do it the right way you will be a great representative of the spring weather in a very cute outfit.
  • Time for some Fringe. This goes great with the already 70s theme we have going on for this spring. It may seem a little out there but if you can get one staple item with some fringe like a purse or a jacket, it’ll go a long way. We’d recommend more of an accessory look when it comes to participating in the "fringe" spring trend.
  • The Cold Shoulder. We don’t mean this in a negative way like you would normally interpret it. It references the trend for the spring and summer of showing your shoulders off. It’s all about the power shoulder this season. You can do it in a ton of different ways so find a way you are comfortable with and go for it. 

We hope you enjoyed our style trends to help you prepare well for the spring this year. These items and trends should transition well into the summer so don’t worry about not being able to use them over and over again. Also, remember the best way to show your appreciative of the spring is same day delivery flower bouquets. The only proper celebration of spring is definitely flowers.