This week for our blog readers, we decided to dedicate it to one of our favorite flowers here at Nosegay D.C. The sunflower (or should we say helianthus) is one of our “perfect-for-all-occasions” flowers here at the shop. This particular type of flower is native to North America. One of the many reasons we decided to put the spotlight on them this week is that they are the epitome of summer. They love to bloom in the summer if you are thinking about future gardening ideas and really want to welcome in the summer in your yard. There are many reasons why we love the sunflower...and here’s why: 


  1. It can stand on it’s own. No need to dress up the sunflower with other flowers in it’s way. It’s one of the few flowers that can make a vase feel full with only a few sunflowers in it. They are certainly a powerful flower. However, if you are looking for a Washington DC floral arrangement, sunflowers are a great addition. They’ll knock the boring right out of any arrangement. 
  2. They are usually inexpensive. Tired of spending money on overpriced flowers at D.C. flower shops? We are too! Sunflowers are often very reasonable wherever you go. 
  3. Their colors go with everything. Whether it’s a gloomy time of year or in the middle of summer...sunflowers go with ever season and any home decorations. 
  4. They are bold. These flowers are usually tall (can be cut down) and speak for themselves in any room. They will make a great impression. 
  5. An awesome gift. Always wondering what type of flowers to bring a friend or family member having you over for dinner? Sunflowers make the perfect large part of the reasons we mentioned above! 
  6. Great for gardening. Have a big area of space in your backyard or front yard that you don’t know what to do with? Look no further than the sunflower. They have a strong tendency to spread rapidly so make sure you have plenty of space for them to grow to their hearts content. 
  7. Looking to celebrate a birthday? Do so with sunflowers. Whether they are for you or you are looking for a birthday flower delivery, make sure to include sunflowers. They will be sure to brighten up anyone’s day, especially on their birthday. 
  8. Easy to grow. As long as the soil is not watered too much they are the perfect plant to get started with in your garden. Definitely think about them for their summer bloom. They can withstand heat and droughts and thus perfect for the summer and many different climates. 
  9. Did I say pretty? I mean these flowers are absolutely gorgeous and if that isn’t reason enough to get on the sunflower bandwagon, we don’t what is! 
Hope you enjoyed this week’s Nosegay blog. We are planning to spotlight our favorite flowers in our monthly flower spotlight. Feel free to send through any suggestions or things you’d like to be se highlighted. We love the feedback!