We know the Super Bowl is something we can all depend on to be an exciting Sunday evening but in case you are looking for a few additional things to do this year we brainstormed ideas for our readers. We wanted Super Bowl 50 to feel different this year and just not another football game. These suggestions will go a long way for everyone…including our readers who may not be as excited to watch.

Play a game: Want a way to keep the Super Bowl entertaining for the entire 4 hours? Pull up one of those games/surveys online and print them out ahead of time for your guests. They will ask questions like “How long will the national anthem be?” or “What will be the first commercial for?” It’s a fun way to mix things up this year. Make sure your guests get there early enough to fill it out before the game starts. Always feel free to put a friendly wager for whoever wins…it will make things even more interesting.

Try a new recipe: Most people this year will either be having guests over or going to a friend or family members’ house so try out a new recipe and bring it over. Anything that has some sort of football emblem will go a long way to impress your guests. Our favorite recipes are spinach and artichoke dip or a fun new dessert. Can’t go wrong with those choices and your guests will love it!

Super Bowl Flower Arrangement: A room and table are not sufficiently decorated without a new flower arrangement. It could be something simple as an arrangement of tulips or something more exotic like an orchid. Either way your guests will know that you went the extra mile to impress them before coming over. Are you going somewhere for the game? Bring a special floral arrangement to your hosts to let them know how grateful you are for having them over.

Dance Party during halftime: Coldplay might not seem like dance party music but Beyonce will be there so get ready! The halftime show for Super Bowl 50 is sure to be a good one so get ready to party during this halftime. Remember what happened the last time Beyonce performed at the Super Bowl? We do! The power went out in the second half…

Hope you enjoyed our suggestions to spice up your Super Bowl this year! Our team at Nosegay DC had a blast brainstorming what to do to make our Super Bowl even more fun this year. Of course, our bias is ordering your favorite online flowers for the occasion. Give us a call at 202-338-1146 or order online from our store.