Have our readers noticed that everyone (and their mother) seems to be heading to a Bachelorette Party? Well, if you’re like our DC flower team than you definitely have! Either you are heading on a Bachelorette party or you are just returning from one this summer. We’ve put together a list of some helpful tips when it comes to planning a fun Bachelorette Party for summer season. 

  • Themes, themes and more themes: If you are someone that’s not afraid of being “cheesy” take advantage of this occasion because it’s definitely a great opportunity to break out the use of a theme. The first (and most important) place to start for the theme is all about the hashtag, lots of creative ones out there but it should be all based on the wonderful bride (and the groom). 
  • Help the Bride Stand Out: A lot of great photo-ops, all start with a night of coordinated outfits. Whether is wearing white or all the guests in black and the bride gets to stand out in white or red, it creates wonderful photos and a great way to make the bride feel special. If you’re like our Nosegayers you may go the sparkle route instead of solid colors but either way, make sure to think ahead and tell the other guests what to bring! 
  • It’s Time to Delegate: Whether there are a few of you going on the Bachelorette or a big group, divide and conquer! Have one person or a small group own each meal, a day or an activity. Often the bride’s mom will take care of one of the meals or some other activity but make sure it’s all planned out in advance. Usually the maid of honor will take the reigns here but she will definitely need her fellow bridesmaids and bachelorette goers to help. 
  • Let’s Ride in Style: Haven’t seen a bachelorette in a long time that doesn’t have a limo involved. If the bachelorette party is just one night or a fun-filled weekend, make sure a limo is on the agenda. Nothing better than a group of women heading into a limo for some real driving fun. Best part is you get to make sure your bride arrives in style and nobody has to worry about driving home. 
  • It’s All About the Favors: No bachelorette party is complete with a handful of favors. Make sure to provide the group with plenty of favors that include reference to the bride whether it’s on a tshirt or sunglasses (or both!). This is a great place to incorporate your theme into your favors. Make sure the favors have something fun written on them. Also for our brides, always nice to bring a favor for your guests to take home from the party to help them remember it. Make sure it’s something they will use. Nosegay flower bouquets or Nosegay DC gift baskets, could make the perfect favor. 
  • How to Pick a Date: Depending on how many people are invited to attend, make sure you don’t spend all of your planning time trying to pick a date. Find out from the bride who needs to be there and who could maybe miss it that wouldn’t make them heartbroken...plan around everyone as much as you can but don’t make yourself crazy! Pick a day that the majority can attend and go with it! Also, if you are one of the guests who can’t make it, send some same day delivery flowers to make it up to the bride. The bride will love having these to arrive to when she gets to her room! 
  • Timing is everything: It’s all about getting the crew hyped up for the big day. Two things to remember, don’t do it too far away from the wedding date and don’t do it too close. You don’t want to get all excited for the wedding day and then come home and have 12 months to wait. At the same time, don’t do it too close to the wedding because the bride will be stressed with last minute details. It’s also a lot more money to spend right in a row. Take the bride’s guidance when it comes to picking how far in advance she wants to have it but make sure to give her some advice. 







That’s another set of useful tips in the books from our Nosegay team. We may not be experts but we do know how to have a good time so hopefully these tips will pay off! Enjoy.