Now that wedding season for this year has officially launched, we thought we’d provide our readers with the biggest wedding trends for 2014 It’s always important to put your taste first and do what you are excited about but keep these trends in mind as you are finalizing your wedding plans. For many readers that will be attending weddings this year instead of hosting their own, keep these trends in mind and see which ones your friends use. Here are our top 10 wedding trends:

1. Texture Wedding Cakes. Get ready for pops of color and cakes that really show the couples’ personality. Soft ruffles and frills are in this year when it comes to wedding cakes,

2. Cascading bouquets and center pieces. Dahlias and hydrangeas make the perfect addition to this trend for 2014. Wedding florists Washington DC are perfect for ideas like this one when it comes to finding your perfect arrangements for your bouquet and centerpieces. It’s all about going outside the box with this trend. Thinking of overflowing flowers and lots of drama when it comes to this look.

3. Alternative Songs during the Ceremony. Say goodbye to tradition! This year is all about picking songs that aren’t your traditional “walk down the aisle” music. Pick something that means something to you and your future spouse. It’s time to make your memories a little more creative! Also, we recently went to a wedding where they had a surprise performance at the end of the ceremony from the band that played during the party...did not see that one coming!

4. Don’t forget about pink! 2014 is the year of the “blushing bride” in the most literal way. It’s all about nudes, blushes and peaches when it comes to wedding colors this year, especially when it comes to bridesmaids’ dresses. People aren’t afraid of being too sweet in 2014. 

5. Looking for more places to add flowers in your wedding? Well look no further this year than on the wedding cake! Although 2014 is also about texture wedding cakes, a lot of people are choose to go naked this year with just a splash of flowers around the cake. It’s easy to add florist flowers to your wedding cake this year to use this trend to the fullest.

6. Surprise performances at the party. No more traditional bride and groom dances in the middle of the party to boring ballads. Couples are going BIG this year with choreographed dances and mixed songs that hold special meaning to them. It’s all about that video and photo op.

7. Time to get rid of the big envelopes. And big invitations for that matter! Weddings this year are more likely to come with a smaller 5x7 invitations unlike previous decades of overstated and oversized invitations. Also lots of couples are choosing to skip the money used on fancy invitations and instead head straight for an eCard. 

8. Engagement photos are all the rage. Anyone else see a new album of Engagement photos of their friends posted on a weekly basis on Facebook? Soon after a proposal the next thing to expect is a photo shoot of engagement poses. These are must for 2014 and the perfect photos to use for your “Save the Date.

9. It’s all about the after party. Now this may not be a trend that’s as new this year but 2014 is all about making the party last forever. The midnight and 1am affairs are no longer long enough. It’s all about seeing which party can last the longest so if you are going to a wedding this year prepare to be up late!

10. Floral crowns. The easiest way to use this trend is in the flower girl at your wedding. It won’t stand out as much here as if your entire bridal party is wearing them but you can never have too many crowns at a wedding. It is a day meant to be remembered. Call a flower shop in dc for this floral arrangement and see what they come up with! 


Hope you enjoyed these wedding trends for 2014! We trust our readers will either be seeing a lot of these trends at weddings this year or using some of these trends in their own nuptials.