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Wedding planning can be a bit of a challenge, and we understand. After all, you need to pick a venue, a caterer, a date, a dress, the invitations—there is a lot to sort through. One of the main concerns for a bride-to-be is what flowers will make up her bridal bouquet, the boutonnieres, and the floral arrangements for the reception. The good news is, that’s where we come in. At Nosegay Flowers, we understand that your wedding is your special event. With that in mind, we would be happy to create a unique and custom arrangement to meet your exact specifications. If you aren’t sure where to start, we can help with that too. Here are the top five wedding flowers we recommend:


The classic symbol of beauty and love, this flower comes in different colors that can create a show-stopping focus for your wedding! Many brides choose this classic flower for its versatility, amazing smell, and ability to blend well with other flowers. The rose can be found in many different colors and styles—in fact, over three thousand varieties of roses are grown commercially. This means you can find one that is accessible at any time of year.


The dahlia has been known to symbolize dignity and elegance, but more recently, it’s been used to symbolize a commitment that will last an eternity! No wonder so many brides love this pick. If you are looking for versatility, this is the flower for you. They come in many sizes and colors, so they might be the perfect pick for a bride with less conventional colors in mind.


Purple lilacs smell incredible and symbolize the first emotions of love. This drapey and romantic pick works well on its own or paired with other flowers. Keep in mind that this is a delicate flower; while that is part of its charm, you will need to actively prevent wilting. However, don’t let that deter you! The lovely smell and dreamy appearance is enough to charm the whole bridal party.

Sweet Pea

This classic pick symbolizes delicate or blissful pleasure! Sweet peas smell fabulous and come in variegated colors to help add to their gentle appearance. They were first brought to England from Sicily in 1699, and we have all had a deep affection for the sweet pea ever since. The scent can be strong and sweet, which will be a lovely addition to any bridal bouquet.


These flowers may not seem like a great wedding bouquet addition, but they really are! Common tulips are usually pretty affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank to create a stunning floral arrangement. Tulips can come in a wide variety of colors, meaning that you can choose the one that best matches your bouquet. They symbolize perfect love.

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If you are ready to plan your wedding flowers and bouquets, it’s time to give our team of florists a call. We look forward to speaking with you about your needs and requests!


Hello, and welcome back! In our last blog, we talked about some of the top ways to choose a wedding bouquet. For example, you should always choose your dress first to match the color with the flowers. Make sure to consider what flowers will be in season, and consider the shape of your dress to find the best matches! Today, we would like to share a few more tips and tricks to really make this bouquet special for your big day. If you are trying to think of the best ways for you to incorporate your favorite flowers and designs into your wedding, you’ve come to the right place. Nosegay Flowers is here to help you! Contact us today for a wedding consultation.

Add Personal Touches

You can make your bouquet feel much more special to you on your big day by adding a flower or color that is significant to you and your family. For example, choose your grandmother’s favorite flower or your mother’s birth month flower. If you would like to add something to the bouquet itself, that is a wonderful idea as well. An antique brooch, a lace handkerchief, or some other special accessory can easily be worked into your bridal bouquet.

How to Hold the Bouquet

Many brides get nervous (don’t worry, we understand!), and they tend to hold their bouquets with two hands and carry it high. Unfortunately, this causes tension in the shoulders and doesn’t usually make for the prettiest photos. Instead, have a bridesmaid remind you to hold your bouquet in one hand and keep it just below your hip. Pull it slightly away from your dress so that everyone can see your dress’ silhouette. This will keep your shoulders opened and relaxed, and it will keep your posture looking strong for your photography opportunities.

Choose a Comfortable Bouquet

Bouquets come in all sorts of sizes and weights, so keep this in mind. You don’t want to be carrying around something too large for your hands and uncomfortably heavy all day long. Something too heavy will cause you to hunch over, but something too light may not have as many flowers as you would have hoped. Communicate your concerns with your florist; they will make sure everything is the perfect size and weight for you!

Make Your Bouquet Photogenic

Many brides love having photos of their bouquets to revisit once everything is said and done. If you want stunning photos of your wedding bouquet, try to take pictures with them propped up on a pretty chair or next to the wedding cake. These photos will be lovely to look at again in the future, especially if you don’t choose to keep your bouquet.

Keep the Bouquet Fresh

If you would like to keep your bouquet looking fresh and alive all day long, try cutting off an inch from the stems at the bottom. You can do this in the afternoon after the ceremony and photos are complete. We understand if you don’t have the time to do this, so perhaps assign this task to a bridesmaid or a relative you trust.

When everything is done, you don’t have to throw away the bouquet! You can always get it preserved and keep it as a lovely souvenir from your wedding day.

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We at Nosegay Flowers would like to congratulate you once again, and we only hope you contact us for your wedding bouquet consultation. Your wedding day is special and spectacular, and we know that we can create the floral arrangements to match. From the bouquets to the centerpieces, we can handle everything floral you need. Reach out now to get started and tell us all about your wonderful wedding plans!

Congratulations on your engagement! You’ve chosen the date, you’ve reserved your venue, and you’ve even asked your bridal party to stand up at the front with you on this momentous occasion. You’re probably going straight down the wedding checklist. As you work your way through setting up your wedding and picking every perfect detail, eventually you are going to get to the flowers. Some of you may have a very clear vision of what you want, while others of you haven’t the slightest clue. That’s alright! Today, we would like to share some of the top tips to follow in order to choose the perfect wedding bouquet. Contact us today at Nosegay Flowers for our assistance, and read on to get some ideas for your wedding consultation with our team!

Choose a Dress First

While it may seem obvious to choose your dress before you choose your flowers, you would be surprised! We recommend always choosing the wedding gown before you try to create your wedding bouquet. This is because the design of your bouquet will depend fully on the shape, color, and detailing of your dress. Those brides who choose a more elaborate gown may want a simpler bouquet, while the opposite may be true for those who choose a simple gown. The secret to a good wedding bouquet is to choose one that won’t hide you or the silhouette of the dress. Make sure to bring a picture of the dress with you to your consultation with your florist.

Consider Desired Shape and Size

You won’t want a trailing bouquet if the detailing of your dress is in the skirt. However, if you have a long train or dramatic bustle at the back, you might want to even out the look of the dress with a more dramatic bouquet. Also, chances are good that you will not want to hide your waist! Make sure to find a bouquet option that is narrower than your waist to really pull that area in even more. Bouquet fashions do change as time goes on, but the most important thing to consider is that it will work well with your dress without hiding you or the beautiful details in your dress.

Think About What Will be in Season

What flowers will be in season on your wedding day? While you don’t necessarily need to choose ones that are, it may be easier and more affordable to consider the more readily-available options first. Take this into consideration, as some may be impossible to find. No florist wants to crush a bride’s heart by telling her those flowers are not available during that time!

Know Your Exact Wedding Dress Color

If you are hoping to have any lighter colored flowers in your bridal bouquet, make sure you know the exact shade of your wedding dress. With champagne colors, white, gold, and blush tones that have risen in wedding dress popularity, there are many flowers that can complement these shades and help the dress stand out. However, choosing flowers that do not blend well with the dress color will leave you feeling disheartened and the overall look slightly disjointed. If you are having your dress altered, talk to your dressmaker! You can request excess material from your dress that the florist can use to wrap up the stems of your bouquet. This will guarantee a perfect match.

Contact Nosegay Flowers for Wedding Bouquets

If you are interested in a customized wedding bouquet to fit your wedding day perfectly, contact Nosegay Flowers! We want to wish you every happiness in your marriage, and we’d like to do our part to get your new life together started the right way. Our team is happy to build wedding bouquets, floral centerpieces, and any other floral arrangements you may need to make your wedding day complete. This includes flowers for the groomsmen if need be! Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

Also, make sure to check back soon for part two of this blog series about how to choose the perfect wedding bouquet! We have much more advice on selecting the right style, color, and finding ways to incorporate true meaning into your bouquet. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Are you starting to plan a wedding? We know you want to make it perfect weekend and not just one night. There are so many different variables that go into creating the perfect wedding weekend, and it’s not easy to remember them all. We wanted to offer some tips to our readers to help them plan the perfect wedding weekend. Enjoy!

Weekend Itinerary. Keep in mind that your wedding guests have likely not traveled for just one night. If you are having a mid-size to big wedding, there are likely a lot of out of towners visiting for your nuptials. Remember, they don’t know how to spend their time in your town! Plan out the activities for the weekend beyond the ceremony, and make sure you offer plenty of moments of entertainment.

Find some downtime. The whole weekend is going to be busy and chaotic. Make sure you find some time to relax throughout the weekend where you can spend time with your guests. Whether it’s the night before or the day after the wedding, take advantage of having all the people closest to you right at your fingertips!

Keep the drinks flowing! Of course, we want all our guests to remember the weekend, but nothing puts the perfect light on a wedding weekend than delicious cocktails at every turn. It’ll take the edge off a normally stressful weekend.

Don’t forget about the food. One of the main things people will remember about your wedding weekend is how the food was. Make sure that the food during the wedding is perfect as well as during any of the other events happening that weekend. Whether it’s the rehearsal dinner the night before or the brunch the day after, make sure the food is worthy of the weekend.

Keep the party going! No one ever wants the party to end after the wedding…so don’t let it! Plan the perfect after party for your guests at the end of the wedding to keep the party going. Make sure you have the right music and amazing late night food to keep your guests entertained.

We hope you will use Nosegay to celebrate all your wedding. We look forward to providing you with wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and more. We are the premier wedding florist service in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. Nosegay Flowers has the fastest flower same-day delivery service in the Washington, D.C. metro area! We have the best collection of exquisite flower bouquets, assorted gifts, and plants that are sure to impress that special person in your life. Whether you need D.C. Flower Delivery, Maryland Flower Delivery or Virginia Flower Delivery, we can have your stunning bouquet and wonderful assorted gifts in the special recipient’s hand in no time. You can count on Nosegay Flowers for your floral needs! No one does flower same-day delivery or wedding flowers better!

We know there are plenty of people out there trying to plan a quick wedding. Despite the traditional 12+ months long engagements, for a lot of couples, that’s not right answer. There are many reasons why you don’t want to wait, but it can often be difficult to plan a traditional wedding in such a short window. However, we’ve got lots of tips for you if you find yourself planning a wedding in less than six months!

Start dress shopping now. Lots of wedding dresses can need up to eight months to be ready after ordering them, so make sure this is the first part of your process. Most likely, if you have a quick turnaround, you won’t be able to have a custom gown made, but there are plenty of dresses that are available off the rack and can be tailored within your time limits.

Find a venue. Plenty of places book up a year in advance, but you’d be surprised how many weekends are still available within close proximity to the date. Keep your options open and look at as many places as you can. You may have to flexible with location or date (maybe a Friday or Sunday will work better), but there should definitely be a venue you love that is still available.

Forget tradition! Couples these days are throwing tradition to the wind and opting for a less traditional wedding. Maybe that means getting married in an exotic location or getting married at the courthouse. There are lots of options available to make it less formal and traditional, if that’s what you want.

Destination wedding. We love a destination wedding as it gives everyone an entire weekend to celebrate the couple. Might be a bit hard to pull off in a quick turnaround, but it might also be the right choice for you.

DIY. There are so many things you can DIY, or “do it yourself,” when it comes to the wedding. This is perfect if you have a short window to prepare. From the flowers to the name cards and everything in between. Start researching so you know what vibe you are going for and can start putting your plan together to “do it yourself.”

We hope you will use Nosegay to celebrate all your wedding needs. We are here for any and all of your wedding flower needs, from bridal bouquets to reception centerpieces. Nosegay Flowers has the fastest flower same-day delivery service in the Washington, D.C. metro area! We have the best collection of exquisite flower bouquets, assorted gifts, and plants that are sure to impress that special person in your life. Whether you need  D.C. Flower Delivery, Maryland Flower Delivery or Virginia Flower Delivery, we can have your stunning floral bouquet and wonderful assorted gifts in the special recipient’s hand in no time. You can count on Nosegay Flowers for your floral needs! No one does flower same-day delivery or wedding flowers better!