As soon as the calendar hit December 25th, engagement season has been in full swing. Christmas Day marks the most popular day to propose followed by Valentine’s Day, which is quickly approaching! We thought, in the spirit of engagement season, we’d write a quick step-by-step process on what to do after you get engaged.


Celebrate! It’s not just about the wedding. Enjoy the moment of being engaged and taking the next step in being closer to marriage. It never hurts to have a fun-filled Engagement party with friends and family. Don’t forget about flowers during this special event. DC florists have beautiful options when it comes to making your Engagement party a moment to remember!


Pick a Venue – Now some people may think that flowers and picking a wedding date come before needing a venue, but the reality is very little can get done without knowing where you are going to get married and solidifying the date. Venues fill up quickly so make sure you find a place early on in the process so you can lock down the day and start getting everything else in order. Most people have a timeframe or a season they want the special day to occur so start looking at venues available in the area you want to get married.


Decide on a Budget – and start saving! Figure out how much money you want to spend for the “Big Day” and stick to it. Subtract how much your venue costs from your budget and it will help guide you on how much money you will spend on the dress, wedding day flowers, catering, etc. Now keep in mind when it comes to a wedding, budgets are meant to be broken so remember that when setting the finances.


Flowers, flowers and more flowers! A wedding is not a wedding without gorgeous flower arrangements. Figure out whether you want to go simple, bold, colorful, neutral and go from there. Remember, to think about the season you are getting married in and what flowers make sense for that time of year. Also, getting your flowers locally will help to keep costs down so look no further than Washington DC wedding florists. The top 3 most popular wedding flowers are roses, tulips and calla lilies. Decide if you want to go original with one of these three or be more unique. Either way flowers bring the Wedding together so do your research!


From planning the perfect flowers for your wedding or celebrating the little things with everyday flower, Nosegay does it all! Visit us at or call us today!