It’s time celebrate women! On Saturday, March 8th more than 100 nations will be observing Women’s Day as a way to celebrate the achievements of women around the world. Last year in 2013, there were over 260 events that were celebrated in the United States and that number is expected to increase in 2014. This day is the perfect opportunity  to show the women in your life how much you appreciate them with beautiful flowers. 


The main themes associated with Women’s Day are honor, respect and love. The flowers that best illustrate these emotions are as follows: 

  • Honor: the Lily. This beautiful flower comes in a variety of colors as well as different types of Lilies. The good news is regardless of color or variety, all Lilies say “honor” when given to someone close to you. Another way to show honor is a white rose. 
  • Respect: When it comes to respect there are a number of different flowers that can illustrate that emotion. One of these flowers is the Calendula which is often referred to as “Mary’s Gold” because of it’s early use in Catholic events. Other good flowers to show “respect” are the Daffodil and the Lavender or Lilac Rose. 
  • Love: Now as you probably guessed (and have read on our blog before) the best way to show love with flowers is with the Rose. Although the Rose comes in many different colors, the best way to show “love” is with the traditional color of red. 

We have some great suggestions for our customers to celebrate this wonderful holiday to honor the women in our lives. 

  • Gift baskets Washington D.C. These are a great addition to someone’s home and come in a variety of different styles including fruit, flowers and gourmet food as well as combinations of all three. 
  • Sending your wife her favorite flowers. Whether it’s flowers from your wedding or the flowers she’s been admiring from afar this nice touch will go a long way. 
  • Balloon and flower delivery. This beautiful design is the perfect combination of beauty and celebration. 

The good news is Nosegay florist is here to help with all your flower needs as you get ready to celebrate Women’s Day on March 8th.