There is one part of a wedding weekend that often gets forgotten about but is a critical part to the entire weekend, the rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner is the official kick-off to the entire wedding weekend and the first event that sets the tone for the rest of the weekend. Although this is a very important event in the itinerary of the entire weekend, it can often feel like the afterthought. We thought we would take a minute to pass on some of our “best practices” as it relates to throwing the perfect rehearsal dinner.

Make it fun. Everyone has traveled far and wide to celebrate the wedding of the couple, so thank them for their travels by giving them something to look forward to the night before the wedding. This can mean different things for different people but can often include things like make sure the booze are flowing, the food is delicious and the entertainment is on point.

The food is important. Your guests have had a long day of travel most likely by the time they arrive at your rehearsal dinner so make sure there is lots of food to start the night off right. You should always pick a place where you have tasted the food before or know people who enjoy it. Don’t pick a random place you know nothing about.

Focus on the ambiance. It’s important to set the mood as it relates the rehearsal dinner. It should be in line with how the wedding will feel and make sure those big themes are embedded in this event as well. It’s also okay for it to feel a bit different. You don’t want to be having two weddings in a row with your rehearsal dinner. If your wedding is very fancy, try making the rehearsal dinner more casual.

Flower power! As you think about ambiance, the vibe of a room is always better when there are flowers are in it. Whether you are using the flowers for your floral centerpieces or just decoration around the room…you can’t go wrong!

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