Sometimes it’s not just about flowers…it’s about houseplants! The great news is you don’t need a green thumb to keep these houseplants thriving in any room. They are perfect to add a little something extra to any home and serve as a great decorative tool. They are low maintenance too! Here is our list of best houseplants to inhabit your house this fall…enjoy!

ZZ Plant. We like this one because it needs very little sunlight to survive…perfect for a basement or office! It is great for someone who won’t be home often to water it because it’s used to dry environments and doesn’t need a lot of water to survive.

Parlor Palm. We love this plant because of the “wow” factor it adds to any room. It’s about 4 feet tall when it’s fully grown. It’s a Mexican native plant that is also low maintenance and doesn’t need a ton of water or light.

Dieffenbachia. Talk about a statement plant! If you are looking to spice up a mainly plain room, look no further than the Dieffenbachia plant. It has speckled leaves that bring beautiful hues of green, yellow and white. They prefer more light than some of other plants listed on our blog so make sure you are attentive to it. One other important note, they are poisonous! So make sure you keep away from children and pets.

Cost Iron Plant. The most traditional of the plants we’ve highlighted. This plant is perfect for a house because it needs very little light (enjoys the far!) and only needs minimal watering. It’s a bit smaller than the Parlor Palm with the average being 2-3 feet tall.

Corn Plant. One of our favorite houseplants because it’s perfect for any room! Its leaves are also robust enough to hide anything you want to cover up (like an air conditioning unit). The plant grows anywhere from 3-6 feet tall so make sure you have room for it. They also only need water when the soil feels dry…otherwise they’re fine!

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