Flowers are beautiful, but you don’t need us to tell you that! If you appreciate a thoughtful bouquet or a carefully placed flower arrangement, you aren’t alone. And, if you’ve ever gifted anyone with a bouquet of flowers, you are one of the millions of people to do so this year alone! However, have you ever wondered where this tradition comes from? We sure have! Today, Nosegay Flowers is going to share some of the known histories of flower delivery and sending flowers as gifts to loved ones.


We know from archaeological findings that flowers have been given as part of tradition for a long, long time. This is particularly true when it comes to burials. Archaeologists have found pollen in ancient burial sites in highly concentrated batches. This indicates that bouquets were used for laying the dead to rest for good. Since many of the flowers found in groups outside of burial sites have medicinal properties, some scientists believe that they were used as a sort of “get well” present.


Flowers have also long been gifted to express feelings or emotions for others. For example, they have been given to show love, to brighten an environment, to commemorate an important ritual, or just to mark a certain observance. This is absolutely still the case today, as we well know!

Worldwide Flowers

Historians and scientists alike have found evidence that points to flowers being sent in several civilizations for many centuries. However, they have noticed an increase in flowers being given as gifts during the 17th century. Men used to provide women with flowers to express romantic feelings for them. Not much has changed! However, historians found that it was in the Victorian era that flowers became known as the flower of love. Certain flowers, such a roses, became more popular than others as gifts. Other flowers were used to add to a hairstyle or other accessory. This was particularly common for European women.

Special Meanings

In some civilizations, certain flowers meant specific things. In ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek cultures, meanings were assigned to flowers, and they were given only to express certain sentiments. They were also given to express love! In Greek mythology, flowers represent both the intense beauty and unimaginable power of the gods. In ancient China, flowers were believed to each possess a spiritual value on their own.


Today, flowers are given for just about any reason! People send flowers when someone is sick and in the hospital. Others give a giant bouquet to their spouse on their anniversary. Some rely on flower delivery to show someone they are loved and cared for, even when the sender is far away. Regardless of the reason, everyone recognizes that sharing flowers with one another is a beautiful tradition that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Nosegay Flowers

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