As we enter the middle of the summer and our favorite month of July, we wanted to take a moment to recognize those amazing flowers we all know scream "summer" when we think of them. Below are our Top 5 Summer Flowers for either your garden or to send a bouquet to a friend. Keep in mind that every season brings a little something different to the flower game. It's time to celebrate summer with this blog post! Enjoy! 

Dahlias: These flowers are the ones you are used to seeing throughout those summer months when lots of other flowers have already reached their peak. They stay around from the midsummer to right before it starts snowing. They also thrive in the cold but can last up to 120 days of blooming…that's almost half the year! Dahlias also typically grow to be 4 to 5 feet tall. 

Gardenias: No surprise these flowers love to bloom during the summer since they are historically from tropical areas. They are definitely used to the heat! Don’t bring these around people who have flower intense allergies since they have a strong (and beautiful) scent. A little different from the rest of the flowers, they grow on shrubs and small trees. So make sure you have plenty of room in your garden before you begin planting them. 

Lavender: We love these flowers for multiple reasons but mostly because they are gorgeous and have everyday use! When you think of lavender, you most commonly think of an amazing scent that is often used for perfume. It is easy to grow in your garden, brings a lovely color to your garden and can be clipped off for your own desires. If you don’t have a garden…don’t be disappointed! They grow quite well in a container. 

Baby’s Breath: Also known as gypsophila, it’s often used in floral arrangements because it does a great job of adding volume. Baby’s breath comes in multiple shades of pink and white which is why they are so perfect for any centerpiece or bouquet. They are also part of the carnation family and are most commonly found in Eurasia and Africa. 

We hope you enjoyed hearing about our favorite flowers for this summer. There are many more flowers out there that we didn’t have a chance to mention. Don’t worry! There is plenty of time throughout the rest of the summer for us to discuss some of those favorites. Please reach out to Nosegay for any and all flower wishes you may have this summer. Have a great summer!