As we head into the winter months, it’s important to find flowers that are low maintenance to keep in your home. Who wants to have to go out every week to refresh the flowers in your home in those cold winter months? That’s why we love our orchids! They are perfect for every home to bring an element of warmth. We also love them for offices and decorative spaces. They bring an element of design in a very simple and easy way. This is why we love orchids: 

They come in great colors. Want something that goes with everything? Try any variety of orchids. Whether it’s pink, purple or white, it’s hard to find a type of orchid that won’t go well in your home. They are neutral and help to pick up other colors in the room where they sit. 

They don’t need a lot of water. There is no type of orchid that needs to be watered everyday. All types of orchids take a few days to need water, if not longer than that. It is important to water sparingly because over watering will end up killing the orchid early. If the pot looks dry that is when you decide if you should water it. 

They are decorative and practical. Orchids add a wonderful element to any home or office. They are beautiful flowers and add an element of home to any place. They take up a good amount of space so you don’t have to worry about having too many other decorations on top of them. They are just as good as any nice piece of art! 

They are good solo or with friends. Orchids can stand beautifully on their own but they also make a wonderful group together. They are perfect for any side tables on their own or can take up an amazing amount of space together on a dining room table together. 


We hope you all learn to love orchids as much as we do at Nosegay! The best news? Nosegay has a plethora of options when it comes to picking an orchid or orchids for your pleasure. Call us or visit our website to order today!