There is nothing more important during this time of year than making sure your home is nice and cozy for all those cold winter days you’ll be spending indoors. What better way to do that than with the perfect winter floral arrangement? All of our Nosegay readers and customers are asking the same question…how do I put together the perfect arrangement? Well, we thought we would let everyone know at the same time!

The first step to putting together the perfect arrangement is making sure you understand what flowers work well in the winter. When we say what “works” in the winter we mean what flowers can endure colder temperatures and a lack of sunlight since that is sometimes hard to come by in January, February and March. Here are some of our favorite flowers that work both outdoors and indoors in the winter!

English Daisies: These adorable flowers come in a variety of colors that all add a splash of color to any home or garden. The best thing about these flowers is they prefer shade which means they are perfect for the winter.

Pansy: These gorgeous five petal flowers are similar to daisies but also great for the winter especially when it comes to your garden. The reason why they are great for the winter is because they bloom multiple times over their life including the ability to actually bloom in the winter. They look best when planted in a mass so make sure you grab more than a few when you head to your local greenhouse.

Orchids: The bottom line is you can never go wrong with orchids. They work any time of year and last longer than any other flower arrangement. They come in multiple colors and match with any room in your house. They are perfect to bring as a gift or to purchase for your own home.

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