While many brides want a summer wedding, we think winter is just as romantic (if not more) as any other season! With cozying up by the fire, playful snow fights, and cups of hot cocoa to carry us through the season, we know it’s the perfect time for you and your sweetie to declare your love for one another. With that in mind, you may be on the lookout for a few of the best winter wedding tips to ensure your special day is one to never forget. Today, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites!

Clever Signs

With so many classic expressions about cuddling up with your sweetie in the cold, why not decorate the area with some of these? For example, a sign welcoming everyone indoors that reads, “Baby, it’s cold outside” is sure to make your guests smile. Feel free to take any line from your favorite Christmas love song to add to your decor.

Winter Photography

The snow is beautiful, and if you are lucky enough to get married on a snowy day, there is sure to be cheer all around. One of the best parts of snow is how stunning it can make your photos look! Take advantage of this time to get some unique photos. For example, grab a big quilt and wrap both of you in it for a cozy photo. You’ll cherish these photos for years to come, and they will look so unique compared to all the summer wedding photos.

Pine and Forest Decor

Some brides embrace the nature side of the wintertime for their weddings. If this sounds like you, feel free to take a more rustic approach to your wedding. Add some evergreen foliage to the backs of your chairs and tie them in place with a thick ribbon that matches your chosen colors. Tie your napkins in place with twine and add a cinnamon stick and some winter berries to really spruce up the appearance.


Why not add a big, white, fluffy cape to keep you warm over your dress? That way, you can keep your look pristine while still keeping warm. Find a color to complement your bridesmaid’s dresses, as well! None of you will have to fight with any fluffy coats that could ruin your photos or make you look puffier than you should!

Winter Treats

Serve hot cocoa or apple cider at your wedding! Everyone will appreciate having warmer drinks to keep them toasty in the cold. Some brides even give away winter party favors, including mugs or mitten sets. We love this idea, as it ensures that everyone will remember the amazing time they had at your wedding every time they make a cup of hot cocoa or coffee.


Nothing screams “winter” quite like twinkle lights all over your reception space! Decorate the reception area and remind everyone of the winter night sky. Or, feel free to give a more intimate feel to the area by having candles everywhere and low lighting. This combination feels festive but uplifting in the best way!

Seasonal Flowers

If you think a wedding bouquet of summer flowers is going to fit into your wedding look, it’s time to think again. For a winter wedding, many brides choose to look at more unconventional bouquet arrangements. For example, have you considered incorporating evergreen sprigs into your bouquet? What about darker colored flowers? While you might have your colors chosen, it’s important to know what flowers are accessible in the winter.

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