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When is the right time to send flowers?

When is the right time to send flowers?

We might sound a little biased when we say “always.” However, we stand by our answer! Here are some of the most popular times to gift someone with a flower bouquet or other such arrangement.

  • Anniversary: Your anniversary is a celebration of your love! Send them a stunning bouquet at work to let them know that they are on your mind, then treat them to dinner later that night.
  • Birthday: Some people love celebrating their birthdays while others prefer to pretend it never happened. Regardless, let your loved ones know that you are delighted that they were born by sending them a floral arrangement.
  • New Baby: Bringing a child into this world is an exciting adventure, and it’s one that we believe should be celebrated. Send a themed arrangement with a balloon that congratulates the new parents on their little girl or boy.
  • Promotion: Getting that new position at work is a thrill that a flower arrangement will celebrate for weeks to come! As your loved one moves into their new office, they’ll have a stunning arrangement that will remind them of their hard work and accomplishments.
  • Graduation: Whether your grad is finishing high school, college, or their Ph.D., you can always celebrate their success with a bouquet! Bonus points if you order a custom flower arrangement with their school colors.
  • Holidays: Whether you don’t know what to get your in-laws for Christmas or your sister for hosting Thanksgiving, we believe the perfect gift is flowers. Feel free to pair this thoughtful gift with a bottle of wine or gift card to go that extra mile!
  • New Home: If your friends or family members have just moved into a new home, send them a floral arrangement to brighten up the space! It will be a wonderful congratulatory gift while doubling as some nice decor while they unpack.
  • Just Because: Everyone loves a surprise gift! Let someone know that you are thinking of them by sending a flower arrangement they aren’t expecting. Their smile will light up the whole room!

Which floral arrangement should I choose?

We thought you’d never ask! Once you’ve decided that a floral bouquet is the way to your loved one’s heart, it’s time to choose the perfect option. Here are some of our favorites for all occasions!

Rose Bouquet
Roses are most commonly tied to romance and love over any other flower. They are also considered to be a symbol of balance, hope, promises, and new beginnings.

When to choose roses: We love roses for romantic gestures and moments, including anniversaries, proposals, and a romantic partner’s birthday! These roses come in a bouquet of six, twelve, or eighteen. Regardless of how many you select, your loved one is sure to grin for hours on end.

Mix up your gift with an arrangement made from green roses, succulents, hydrangea, cymbidium orchids, green hypericum berries, and other greenery! This compact arrangement will fit anywhere your recipient would like.

When to choose evergreens: This bouquet is great for a friend or family member who could use a smile! Whether that means they need some encouragement when they are ill, or if you want to congratulate them on a new home, this is the bouquet to choose. Let the bright green lift their spirits and help them feel encouraged.

Homestead Farms
With flowers that focus on hues of green and white, anyone will love such a thoughtful arrangement! We include white roses, lilies, hypericum berries, queen Anne's lace, and stock, then wrap them all together in a beautiful, rustic fabric to tie the look together. 

When to choose Homestead Farms: This bouquet focuses on bright greens and complementary whites, meaning that the arrangement works well for either male or female recipients. Give someone a congratulations with this bouquet or wish them a speedy recovery!

Pink Cymbidiums
The pink cymbidium orchids with green accents come in a leaf-lined cube you can use again and again. With a classic floral look combined with a contemporary flair, your recipient is sure to love them!

When to choose the Pink Cymbidiums: We recommend this arrangement for mothers, grandmothers, and anyone with a love of orchids. Past customers have used this arrangement to thank supervisors, to celebrate birthdays, and to surprise family members with a beautiful gift.

Nosegay Flowers Daily Deal
For those of you who can’t decide which bouquet is best, let our floral designers take the lead! These bouquets are filled with seasonal, fresh flowers that are sure to impress. Feel free to request specific flowers for your bouquet or let our professionals take the lead!

When to choose our Nosegay Flowers Daily Deal: Anyone who is indecisive or has a special request that our other bouquets don’t include should take a look at our daily deal! We know you’ll love our high-quality floral arrangements almost as much as your recipient will.

What Sets Nosegay Apart?

We know we aren’t your run-of-the-mill florists. How do we know that? Simple: our collections were designed with you, the residents of D.C., in mind. What is it that thrills you? What arrangements inspire you? Here are some of our famous collections that we believe keep us at the top of the list of local florists to choose from.

nosegay originals

Our custom creations were created by our florists who understand the finesse and detailed work it takes to create the perfect floral arrangement. With that said, these bouquets are centered around the simplicity of the flowers—we arrange them all in quality containers with minimal greenery in order to bring out the natural beauty of the blooms. Each flower is chosen with careful consideration of the color palette, texture, and the feel of the flowers surrounding it.

happy hour collection

Our Happy Hour Collection features a floral twist on your favorite cocktails! We know everyone counts down the minutes until they get to go to happy hour, so it’s about time we brought the happy hour to you. Use these inspired arrangements to congratulate a co-worker, wish a friend luck, or just let someone know that they are on your mind.

  • Blueberry Mojito: These luxurious blue and purple flowers have just the right twist of green to capture the mint feeling of a classic mojito. This tall arrangement attracts attention and turns heads, just as your recipient surely does.
  • Limoncello: This simple drink comes to life in this inspired arrangement! Bright and cheerful yellow marigolds come together with asclepias, hypericum berries, pincushion proteas, coxcombs, and yellow roses to lighten any room. Send this arrangement to inspire a friend and bring them energy before they start a new adventure!
  • Manhattan: This arrangement pulls a little bit of wild and ties it together with a classic twist. We use a golden cylinder case to tie together these orange and pink flowers. With orange celosie, red hypericum berries, terracotta roses, and orange pincushion proteas, you’ll be reminded of the classic taste of a Manhattan. What’s the garnish? We finish off this arrangement with two tail feathers. 
  • Sangria: Everyone loves a good sangria. Who doesn’t enjoy a little wine with tasty fruit inside? Our sangria arrangement is the ideal blend of red and purple flowers with pops of pink. We include purple hydrangeas, red roses, red coxcomb, burgundy dahlias, hanging red amaranthus, and purple mokara orchids. With so much color, you’ll be hard-pressed to not drink in the full effect of this arrangement.
  • Strawberry Daiquiri: Light pink hydrangea, hot pink roses and dahlias, redcallas, stargazer lilies, and seed eucalyptus accents all twist together to create the ideal blend of pop and contrast. This bright bouquet is filled with bold pinks and vibrant reds to capture that flirty color of your favorite strawberry daiquiri.

luxe collection

Whether you are looking for a centerpiece for your annual dinner party or just hoping to impress a special someone, it’s time to turn to our Luxe Collection. These arrangements were designed for those who understand the finer things in life. Each of our chosen flowers is hand-picked for quality, beauty, and perfection. Let us present you with an arrangement made with the utmost care and set in gorgeous glassware. This is the collection that features rare flowers, giant bouquets of roses, and all of the other extravagant arrangements you’ve been searching for. 

When is the right time to dive into our Luxe Collection? We can think of many occasions. Our Lavish Luxury Rose Bouquet is the perfect way to express undying love in the fullest bouquet of roses your loved one has ever seen. Each flower is carefully chosen by our team of florists to capture the essence of your message. An anniversary, a birthday, a proposal, mother’s day, newborn babies, a dinner party—whatever the reason, we have the floral arrangement to surpass your expectations. Dazzle and amaze those in your life with one of these extravagant arrangements. They will not disappoint! Reach out to our team now to design your own luxury arrangement.

affordable elegance

With an ever-rotating sale collection, you can impress your loved ones while remaining in your budget. We do our best to keep all arrangements in this section under $60. However, just because these bouquets are affordable, it doesn’t mean that they lack quality! We send the finest floral arrangements in every delivery. Whether you are looking for a gift to send in addition to your arrangement or are hunting for the perfect way to celebrate a loved one, the Affordable Elegance collection is for you.

We believe that quality doesn’t have to come with an extreme price tag, and we also believe that you can express your sentiments for under $65. Our affordable collection is perfect for the “just because” bouquet you want to send your sweetie. Use the savings from your Affordable Collection selection to splurge on some chocolates or a stuffed animal for your recipient! And, if the flowers are just part of the gift, then the affordable collection is the perfect place to start. With a wide variety of flower options, you’re sure to find something you love. Go ahead and take a look!

While we offer a wide variety of flower options and arrangements, there are a few that stand out as being extremely popular. The color, the scents, the longevity of the blooms—it’s no wonder that these are what our fans are ordering for their loved ones! Here are some of our favorite, popular flower types that you can order for your next occasion.



The popularity of succulents is no mystery to us! Not only are they beautiful and unique plants, but they also are some of the easiest out there to care for. Even though some succulents have very high-maintenance needs when it comes to care, most are easy to grow because of their water-storage tissues. They can survive in environments too dry for other plants.

Care: Succulents rather like the dry humidity and warm conditions found indoors, and most can adapt to less sunlight. Just be sure to put them in a fast-draining potting medium and only water again when the soil has dried out.



Peonies are famous for their extravagant, early summer blooms. These plants live for a very long time, and they require very little attention. Why do they stand out above the rest? Peonies blend well with just about any other flower. This means a floral arrangement with peonies will be lovely, long-lasting, and stunning.

Care: In order to make the most out of your time with your new peonies, make sure to cut about an inch off the stem at a diagonal. Place them in three to four inches of room temperature water. Keep an eye on the water, as peonies can get quite thirsty!



People are naturally drawn towards these bright, spiky flowers because of their vibrant color. They also tend to last much longer than other flowers; dahlias are one of the longest lasting cut flowers. Even in the colder climates, these perennials can survive. They look lovely when combined with other flowers, but they stand wonderfully on their own.

Care: Cut the bottom of the stems and strip any leaves that will sit below the water line. Any leaves under water can decay and add unnecessary bacteria to the water. Change the water every two to three days to make sure they always have something to drink!


What to Send with a Floral Arrangement?

If you aren’t sure what to send along with your stunning floral arrangement, we are here to help. Feel free to include a handwritten card to express your sentiments, or perhaps a chocolate bar to add some flavor to a visually appealing gift. Regardless of what you are looking for, we can help! We offer balloons, chocolates, candles, fragrances, and even plush animals to excite your recipient. Just let us know what we can include, and we would be happy to deliver your gift along with the floral arrangement.


There are many online sites with affordable flowers you could choose from—so why pick our team?

First, we believe in a personalized customer service experience. Every single one of our staff members is an expert when it comes to flowers and plants. We can tell what is in season and blooming beautifully, as well as what is in style. And, we can always work to fit your budget. This means that you will never get an automated response from our team, and we don’t rely on stock arrangements to meet your needs. If you simply can’t tolerate having lilies in your flower arrangement, don’t worry—we’ll make sure that’s taken care of for you. If you want a photo of your purchased arrangement before we send it out to the streets of D.C. to be delivered, we can provide that for you too. Just ask us what you need to feel at ease, and we would be happy to deliver.

Next, we support local options as much as possible. Our goal is to use locally grown produce to create the ideal farm-to-vase experience. While we can’t get all of our flowers locally year round, we certainly do our best to get our flowers from Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. This makes it less expensive for both you and us to purchase flowers, but it also allows us to do our part in supporting fellow small businesses.

Finally, we believe in value and personalization. We make sure that every penny you spend is used to create the finest arrangement with as many flowers as possible. We also guarantee that your arrangement is up to you. Looking for roses and hydrangeas together? There’s no need to skim a website for hours looking for a variation on this bouquet. Instead, call us and ask. We can prepare it for you that morning and send it to your recipient that afternoon. At Nosegay, there are no middlemen to pay before your flowers get delivered. Your arrangements will be delivered in the best condition possible to meet your exact specifications. That’s why we believe we are better than the competition.