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Jennifer Dolan, Store Manager & Event Coordinator

Jennifer Dolan began her decades-long career in the flower industry in 1985 as a junior in high school as a delivery driver for a local flower store in the town she grew up in on the eastern shore. To say her first day was exciting would be an understatement. While out on delivery in her boss’ vehicle, she was rear ended by someone! Luckily the car was repaired and she moved up in the shop soon after and began designing arrangements. Over the next decade, she cultivated new design skills, experiences, and customer list at a couple well-known flower event companies in the DC Metro area. During that time, she was also able to gain valuable understanding in the buying process during her time working at K & G Wholesaler where she served as a flower bunch consultant. Always one to march to the beat of her own drum, she and a partner opened their own event company, Exquisite in 1999. In those 15 years, Exquisite earned quite the reputation in the industry for delivering amazing flowers for various high end events including the 2005 Super Bowl in Jacksonville, Inaugural balls, Mark Twain Award Gala at the Kennedy Center, multiple weddings at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, the Tiger Woods Invitational Golf Tournament and more. Although her career was off and running and busier than ever, Jennifer was burnt out and missed seeing her husband of 19 years, Victor and their five children, Elizabeth (25 years), Kevin (16 years), Delaney (15 years), Griffin (14 years) and Madeline (12). She closed Exquisite in 2009 year but still needed a creative outlet which, luckily, brought her to Nosegay Flowers. Currently, Jennifer assists in all event consultations, proposals, set ups and more. 


Elizabeth Dolan, Assistant Store Manager

Assistant store manager, Elizabeth Dolan was born into the flower business, you can even say it is in her blood as her mother Jennifer Dolan, is the Store Manager and Events Coordinator at Nosegay. At just 24 years old, Elizabeth already has 11 years of experience in the business, her first job was at 13 years old working for under her mother at her event company. She began assisting in the setup of events in order to save money for a new pair of shoes. At 16 years old she began working full time as the office manager, taking care of collections, billing, ordering and all other administrative duties for her mother’s company. After three years, Elizabeth wanted a new challenge but didn’t stray too far from the floral industry, landing at Perfect Settings where she handled the intake and receiving of all the event materials. Her next adventure came by way of Fox Ventures, an event and production company in the area where she served as the manager of design and organized the preparation and floral design for their events division. Her focus and determination drove her to try her hand at her own floral event company using the knowledge and experience she had gained over the last 9 years in the business but soon realized she didn’t enjoy entrepreneurship and stepped away from the industry for a short time before she was courted and recruited by Nosegay to be the store manager beginning in January 2016. Elizabeth flourishes in managing the day to day operations of the shop, training and hiring, ordering, design and so much more.