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Why Choose Nosegay?

With the ever-growing options provided by the internet these days, ever wonder why you should choose a small, brick and mortar flower shop like Nosegay? We've laid out some of the advantages of shopping small and shopping locally.


Personalized Customer Service

Our real-life customer service staff are experts in all things plants and flowers. They know what's in season and looking extra beautiful, they know what's trending and hot this season, and they know the perfect floral arrangement to send to fit your budget and your occasion. No automated responses or stock arrangements here! We customize your order based on our conversations with you! Want a photo sent to you before we send out the arrangement to ensure it's exactly what you had in mind? Just ask!


Value and Customization


At Nosegay Flowers, there are no middlemen to pay before sending out your flowers. Your flowers (unless you choose otherwise) will arrive, beautifully and artistically arranged in a vase (gasp). And don't worry, we can customize ANY arrangement in any way you'd like, just ask for

Custom Design!