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  • Deluxe Duo Planter
  • Deluxe Duo Planter

Substitution Policy

We strive to make all of our arrangements beautiful to resemble the image provided on our website. However occasionally the weather, season change, flower or vase unavailabilities do occur, so our designers will upgrade and create your chosen arrangement with the same likeness, colors and floral substitutions the recipient will sure to enjoy.

Deluxe Duo Planter

All the classical elegance an orchid provides, taken up a notch! This wooden rectangle planter holds a double stem white Phalaenopsis orchid and finished with ivy. This long-lasting plant will stay beautiful and fresh for at least 3-4 weeks and can grow back year after year with care! 

*stands around 2.5 feet tall 

$195.00 USD 195.00 $